Glitter Roots Hair Trend

Glitter Roots
Today Style, by Aly Walansky

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Lazy girls, this new hair trend just might make your case for skipping the salon. When you’re hoping to stretch time between coloring appointments but your roots are growing in, simply add glitter. That’s right, glitter hair roots are taking the Internet by storm.

Today-Style-Logo“The glitter hair roots trend is something I’ve seen emerging for a couple years now and I think it’s super cute and edgy when done right,” said Karen Wiggins, a hair stylist based in New Jersey. Step one, says Wiggins, is to find the glitter of choice and mix it with clear styling gel (it has to be clear to look right, she suggests). “Then carefully spread the glitter or clear gel mixture no more than one inch from your part,” she said. This can be done by using an old foundation brush or even simply using your fingers. Easy enough, right?

If you love a bit of sparkle in your life — and who doesn’t? — this look is a great way to jazz up your current hairstyle, hide your roots and give your hair a focal point, says Amber Skrzypek, a North Carolina-based hairstylist and international educator for Keune hair cosmetics.

Glitter roots are also a fun but temporary way to add some flare to a night out look, says Lorean Cairns, co-founder and creative director of Fox & Jane Salons, which has locations in New York City and San Diego. Cairns suggests purchasing a pre-mixed glitter solution by combining a wax pomade with a dry pixie dust glitter and heavily saturating the roots. “While I won’t be recommending glitter roots for every guest, I do think it’s a fun and fresh way to hit the town or upgrade your selfie,” said Cairns.

Tread with caution Most who have glittered their roots use it as a way to procrastinate getting their hair dyed, says celebrity hair and makeup artist, Julia Dalton-Brush. “The fad is fun and has its purpose, but don’t expect to walk into a morning business meeting and be taken seriously,” she said. But if you have a fun job where you are comfortable dyeing your hair any color, she added, then why not add a little glitter glam to your day? “Personally, I think if you pack it on too much — and I’ve seen it make its way to the face — it looks trashy and dirty. But if done well and lightly, it can be cute, flirty and fun!” said Dalton-Brush.

Losing the glitter Now comes the hard part. Expect to find glitter in your shower and in your bed sheets for at least a few days afterward, says Cairns. “It takes several shampoos to properly remove the glitter from your hair!”

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