Eyelash Curler – Tools Tuesday

Now, you may be thinking that all eyelash curlers are the same, but not true! Depending on your specific eye shape and lash type along with the effect you want to achieve, there are specialized curlers to create an eye-popping fringe each and every time …

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Makeup: Julia Dalton-Brush, Hair: Jen Navaro, Photographer: Pino Gomes

Foundation for Your Skin Type: Ace of Base

Foundation has come a long way from the days of little bottles of thick liquids lining the shelves. Today we have options – many options – which is great for finding your perfect match but can also be overwhelming when cruising the beauty aisles.

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Makeup Brush With Greatness: Tools Tuesday

First up: the angled brush, an indispensable part of my cosmetics arsenal. Whether I need to perfect a brow, or sketch out and perfect the perfect lip, the angle brush is one tool I cannot live without! Here are three of my absolute favorites:

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