About Brush Beauty

Katya, by Victoria Janashvili

Brush Beauty was started in 2010 by  top NYC makeup artist Julia S. Dalton-Brush, she realized there was a wonderful need for a new, fun and trendy one stop beauty service provider. In her career Julia has made numerous contacts in every facet of the beauty world.  She’s worked in TV/Film, commercial print and media advertising, fashion, she had been published in numerous top fashion and other widely publicized magazines, she’s worked with top event planners and some of the most high profile brides.  However, she realized that she wanted to give more. She wanted to make sure that when she was booked, she was able to give her clients an amazing artist referral to ensure that they were well taken care of.  And, there blossomed Brush Beauty.

Brush Beauty artists have experience in every genre of makeup.  Whether you are an event planner and need 8 makeup and hair artists for a beauty event, a producer in need of an artist/stylist for a commercial, a PR company in need of an artist for a celebrity client or a bride who needs an artist for her big day.  Brush Beauty has the perfect artist to fulfill all of your beauty needs.

Brush Beauty artists span from NY to LA to DC to Boston and back down to Miami, they have traveled all over the world with our clients and would love to add you to the list.